Vienna Lawnmower
Sales & Service Inc.

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We can repair and maintain all of your outdoor power equipment from any brand

Our Services Include:

Lawnmower Tune Up Service: $73 + parts

Riding mower Tune Up Service: $165 + parts

Chainsaw Tune Up Service: $65 + parts

Handheld Equipment Tune Up Service: $55 + parts

Generator Tune Up Serivce: Varies by model, most $75 + parts

Snowblower Tune Up Service: Most,
Single stage: $85 + parts
2 Stage: 105 + parts

Pick Up & Delivery available as well:
$60 round trip to most areas. This includes pick up from the driveway. Extra charges could apply if machine is not on the driveway, for example in a shed, down a hill, under the deck etc...

We charge a $40 estimate fee for all machines dropped off for service. This fee goes toward any repairs or maintenance provided the estimate is approved. If the estimate for repairs or maintenance is not approved the estimate fee pays for our technicians time and diagnostic labor.

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